About Us

Affordable Self-Storage Units

Founded in 2003, Georgetown Center and Georgetown Self Storage is located in Asheville, NC. Georgetown  Center and Self Storage provides Retail and Commercial office space, as  well as top-notch quality self storage for individuals and businesses  close to your home or office, great customer support, and prices that  can't be beat! Through  our commitment, experience, and expertise Georgetown Center and Self  Storage have established a business relationship with our customers that  will last a lifetime!  

Office Space

Georgetown  Center is a7200 sq. ft. commercial office building conveniently located  15 minutes from downtown Asheville. Offering easy access from a 5 lane  highway. Office Suites come in 800 sq. ft increments and are suited for  Retail and Light Commercial,  single and multi-year leases available.  For more information use the "Contact Us" link above. 

Access Available Seven Days A Week


We  know that your schedule may not allow you to move or have access to  your rental unit at regular hours. That’s why we have installed an  electronic gate at our locations for 24-hour access. (This is a needs  based service free to our customers.) Now you have access to your rental  unit, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For  customers that have additional users and want to regulate that access,  Georgetown Storage provides access based on one of the following three  levels:
Normal  (6am-9pm)
Extended hrs (5am-11pm)
Full 24 hrs. x 7 days a week